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Monday, January 24, 2022

Advantages of NANO_TRENCH®

Patented stepped trench


NANO_TRENCH® mit zwei Leerverrohrungen in der Straße
NANO_TRENCH® with two mini ducts in paved street surface

Sustainability and stable values rank first for NANO_TRENCH®. By using the patented stepped trench and the narrow laying fugue a controlled and street secure laying of mini ducts can be guaranteed. NANO_TRENCH® does not penetrate the paved surface of the asphalt layer and does not destroy the street-base. No hollow space occurs, which furthermore avoids settlement of the asphalt layer or cracks. In addition, the refilling body remains on the step (bearing area) and therefore no pressure is applied on the mini ducts. This positive effect is supported by granulate or sand, in which the mini ducts are bedded. Through this the mini ducts are stabilized and keep their position.

Due to the NANO_TRENCH®-Technology a street resurface can be carried out without any concerns any time.