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Sunday, November 28, 2021


The patented system NANO_TRENCH®

NANO_TRENCH® is a unique, patented Austrian Trench-technology, which sets a new Future-Standard in the domain of laying telecommunication networks. Numerous projects show, that NANO_TRENCH® is the trendsetting technology for fast, secure and cost-effective installation of fiber optic networks for national and international network operators. Thereby FTTX-projects in the fiber optic domain for the network owner or provider as well as small or large network retrofitting or network development can be realized very fast and secure.

The team at NANO_TRENCH® made it their business to convert the existing telecommunication infrastructure to the latest State of the Art fiber optic technology in a cost effective and time efficient manner together with the telecom provider and street owner (road administration) using the new patented NANO_TRENCH® Technology.

In cooperation with the well-established subcontractors in the fiber optic industry as well as infrastructure design engineers and the NANO_TRENCH®-Technology, a new international Future-Standard for fiber optic development of telecommunication networks were born.

Thereby the team around NANO_TRENCH® together with well-established companies in the telecommunication domain compiles an all-inclusive master plan tailor made and from one source, from installation of empty ducts up to turn key telecommunication companies.

In cooperation with A1 Telekom Austria AG, the leading telecommunication company in Austria, two institutions of the Technical University in Vienna compiled a survey over a year. This certifies the uniqueness of the NANO_TRENCH®-Technology in all varieties of application and operation areas.

Nationally and internationally, the NANO_TRENCH®-Technology will be distributed by Pichler Bohrtechnik GmbH and HP-Fiber GmbH via exclusive partners and licensees.